Prices and packages

Getting started with easyscreen has never been this easy.
Select your easyscreen subscription and choose your hardware.

easyscreen subscription

  • Subscription for easyscreen software
  • User support by e-mail and phone
  • Hosting and usage mediaserver (located in the Netherlands)
  • Continuous development
  • RSS Feeds and social media integration
  • Extended media library
  • Ever growing video templates and widgets
  • Latest news, weather and entertainment


Per month
Based on 1-year subscription


easyscreen hardware

HTML5 HD Media-Player

  • Wifi included
  • HDMI output
  • High Definition output (1080p)
  • Energy efficient
  • Extreme liability
  • Used in thousands of stores and locations

easyorder Packages

HTML5 HD Media Player
1-year easyscreen

HTML5 HD Media Player
3-year easyscreen

22' inch Samsung Smart Signage Display +
3-year easyscreen

*The prices are based on pre payment for the entire periode.
Payment in quaters possible on demand.
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