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An attractive offer for partners

Collaborative working to suit

We discuss which part of narrowcasting is out-sourced and which is managed in-house with each partner individually. We provide technical agencies with content and infrastructure whilst we supply hardware, service and installation to creative partners who can produce content themselves.

Stronger together

We make custom agreements for every type of collaboration, agreements about work division and the business models that go with them. Under the motto ' stronger together ' Notice gladly supports sales, marketing and the rollout of easyscreen for our clients. There are, of course, many different conceivable solutions which can be custom-designed.

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How does easyscreen work?

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Good for partners?

Companies that work with resellers don’t usually sell directly to end-users, so why do we?

  • The easyscreen direct sales channel generates leads for our partners. Our sales activities and online marketing communications ensure that prospective and interested clients contact us. We have agreements with partners from specific geographical areas or particular sectors so that we can connect leads and partners to make sales. This is why we call our partners just that, because we want to do business together and supply our partners with leads/sales.

  • By gaining experience with clients directly, we can adapt and customise content, technology and approach even more effectively to gear them towards the end-user. That way we can try out new developments with direct clients and, if they work, put them on the market: comparable to a franchise which manages a number of stores and can use them to test out new ideas.

  • Our goal is to support partners by doing business; nothing more, nothing less. The ‘’easyscreen brand’’ is a part of this. Partners can make use of the brand name, our portfolio and experience to win clients over. Naturally, our partners can also opt to manage narrowcasting software broadcasting and marketing independently. We are ideally qualified to support this due to our experience with putting narrowcasting software on the market. The basic principle is not that partners are associated with the Notice brand but that they are enabled to market their own individual brand identity.

  • Our partners have project protection. This means that when working on a sales project we do everything in our power to assist with its completion. With our market expertise and as a result of our market position, we are able to inform the client about the market. Partners not only receive project protection but also all available support and information.

  • We feel that the phenomenon that is narrowcasting should be more widely known and accepted so that more companies want to use narrowcasting to reach their marketing goals. With our vast experience of narrowcasting we can make an attractive offer. We leave the development of marketing material to our in-house design studio and all the material we develop can also be used by our partners at no extra charge and in spite of the fact it is not in their brand identity, giving everyone a head start! As a partner you need only focus on sales; we take care of the marketing and product development side of things.