Fit for multiple locations

Easyscreen is perfect for companies with various branches.
Opt for optimal speed, flexibility and overall control.

Multiple locations easily managed

Easyscreen is part of Notice Branded Media, an innovative company which has been creating, developing and maintaining digital media since 1999. Notice provides digital signage and instore radio to more than 80 national and international chain companies and thousands of branches in virtually every field imaginable.

Look at narrowcasting for chains on Notice branded media

Affiliated groups

If several sites use easyscreen, you can create groups of affiliates. In one single operation you can adjust the programme for the whole group enabling you to create groups for a specific product selection which is only available at select stores.

Automatic and bespoke

Another unique feature of easyscreen: assign a keyword (tag) to a clip, such as Sunday shopping, supplier ads, promotions or entertainment. You can then link these keywords to one or more media players so that the players and clips automatically link up. Easyscreen thus creates a bespoke programme, without the need to manually add clips to the playlist.

Mandatory clips

Both managers working for franchises, branches of chains and independent offices are able to create clips (using a pre-existing template) and adapt playlists. At the same time, HO can add a number of clips to the playlist for every branch. These clips are termed 'mandatory' and appear automatically in the playlist. The branch itself can create and add their own clips resulting in a managed mix of both central and local clips which always stays true to the brand identity.