Built-in mediaplayer

With easyscreen you can choose a separate media player or a media built-in player. Should you opt for the latter all the technology necessary to use easyscreen has already been built into the professional Samsung screens. This means there is no need for an additional media player or computer to play your programmes - so much simpler and creating savings on operating costs and redundant systems.


Tickertape is an informative bar which runs across the bottom of your screen. The bar, as it is constantly in motion, grabs attention while it does not create an unpleasant distraction. The bar allows you to highlight special offers, for example, or to display opening hours. You can also display the latest news, from nu.nl, for example, using an RSS or XML feed. Keep your customers up to date with the most recent news.

Mulitple locations

Would you like to use easyscreen at various locations where the messages frequently vary according to the specific location(s)? We have it covered: Messages ca n be adjusted for each location.


Advertisers will have an interest in your screens. You may already have some logos from other companies at the entrance, but with narrowcasting you can increase revenue from advertising significantly. In consultation with the advertiser, you can create a unique programme to give the brand more attention. Potential advertisers will very likely find this an appealing offer.

Information according to location

Would you like the local news or weather on screen? By simply adding the location the news becomes location specific.

Set your screens to a timer

Set your screen to turn on and off at specific times. Should opening hours change on a daily basis then this handy feature will come in very useful. The times can be programmed in advance with ease and simplicity. The system automatically switches the screens on for opening and switches them off at the end of the working day.

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