A full and complete programme

Enter your own messages with thematic videomagazines and make your programme current and interactive with Newsroom and your social media

Narrowcasting with easyscreen

  • Create professional videos in no time
  • Manage mulitple screens from one single location
  • Improve profits with promotions
  • Take the edge off waiting time with up-to-date news and entertainment
  • Integrate social media like Twitter and Facebook
  • Generate revenue with supplier ad placements


Keep informed

Through collaboration with the biggest Dutch news sources your screens are constantly updated with the most recent news. This can even be adapted to each location!

Video templates

Add your own content with ease

We have dozens of video templates ready and waiting for you that you can add your own message to. After going through the steps, your message automatically renders a video. Many of our templates have been created in HTML5 so that any additional information is displayed on your screen immediately.


For every conceivable target audience

Entertain your clients and customers with short film trailers, cool YouTube videos or themed specials. That way you can provide a pleasant interplay of imagery on your screen.


Make money with easyscreen

Narrowcasting is a perfect way to increase ad revenue. Alternate your own programmes with ads from other companies and earn with the airtime that you offer.

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Your media

Straight to your screen!

Show programmes and video’s in your brand identity, whether they have already been made or you would like to have them made specially. Whatever media you want to play, you can do it with easyscreen!

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