Client stories

Bas the Greengrocer

A greengrocer with easyscreen

We are very satisfied with the easyscreen quality-cost ratio. Updates are online and can be downloaded in a few clicks.

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Het Parkhuis Foundation

A care home and brasserie with easyscreen

Easyscreen is a convenient medium which allows us to communicate information such as upcoming activities, employment vacancies, staff updates and offers at the brasserie

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Bike Totaal

Bike shops with easyscreen

We use narrowcasting and easyscreen at our 136 branches. Easyscreen is simple and effective: we are very happy with it!

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Cafeterias with easyscreen

The customers at Foodmaster need not get bored while they wait for their order.

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Cafeterias and restaurants with easyscreen

Cafeterias and restaurants with easyscreen. Easyscreen is an extremely effective medium to reach our customers even better.

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Trendy Hairconcept

Six hairdressing salons with easyscreen

Where we used to use posters to display instore offers, we now use easyscreen. Ads for hair products give the programme a fuller feel.

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Zwemrecreatie Drie Essen

Three swimming- pools and schools with easyscreen

We provide information about taster lessons, holidays and special activities with our screens. Easyscreen has replaced the old magnet-boards. We are really satisfied.

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The lunchbus

Two buses with easyscreen

We use easyscreen to generate extra income and to draw attention to our products.

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Vledderland Bookshop

Book store with easyscreen

While customers wait, they regularly throw a glance at the screen next to the checkout.

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Toyota, The Netherlands

116 dealers and 20 service points with easyscreen

At each and every sale point an After Sales Programme can be seen at the service desk.

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