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Easyscreen gives you full control over narrowcasting. Create online clips and determine when they are broadcast. You can conveniently customise your programmes to complement your brand, location and customers. Combine this with any of the many extras on offer. Easyscreen can turn anyone into a director!

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Easy to use

Easyscreen is simple to install and includes a user management system. You can even control screens with your mobile!

Live widgets

Keeping your screens full with current news from your social media, favourite news sources and entertainment programmes.

Multiple locations

Easyscreen is particularly suitable for companies with multiple branches. Use blocks to create an effective programme throughout the year.

Be your very own director

Create playlists to adapt to the mood of the day.

Multiple locations easily managed

Easyscreen is part of Notice Branded Media, an innovative company which has been creating, developing and maintaining digital media since 1999. Notice provides digital signage and instore radio to more than 80 national and international chain companies and thousands of branches in virtually every field imaginable.

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Smartscreens instead of mediaplayers

Notice is an approved Samsung software partner. Consequently easyscreen is also available as a Samsung Smart Signage application. And that means less expense, lower operating and energy costs and a faster cost recovery for subscribers.

easyscreen stories

Bas the Greengrocer

A greengrocer with easyscreen

‘We are very satisfied with the easyscreen quality-cost ratio. Updates are online and can be downloaded in a few clicks. The moving imagery is a considerable improvement compared to the flyers we used to print. The installation went perfectly well, I completed it myself with some useful support from Notice. Easyscreen, as far as we […]

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Het Parkhuis Foundation

A care home and brasserie with easyscreen

Easyscreen is a convenient medium which allows us to communicate information such as upcoming activities, employment vacancies, staff updates and offers at the brasserie

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Bike Totaal

Bike shops with easyscreen

We use narrowcasting and easyscreen at our 136 branches. Easyscreen is simple and effective: we are very happy with it!

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  • Onze Bas heeft een kleintje gekregen! Dus beschuit met muisjes en natuurlijk een cadeautje van Easyscreen voor Bas…

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